Bloodwise —
case study

— Positioning
— Naming
— Identity


A shared belief, a new name and visual identity for the country’s biggest blood cancer charity

Over the last 55 years, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research has changed the world for people with blood cancer. Thanks in large part to their work, blood cancer is now far less likely to be a death sentence and doctors are starting to talk confidently about helping people to live well with blood cancer.


In light of this, the charity decided it was time to invest more in helping people today, as well as backing long-term research programmes. They needed to fund more services, evolve research methodologies and build a stronger voice for support. To do this, they knew their brand would have to evolve; to reach out, inspire and mobilise.


We started by working together to update their charitable purpose. Then, in partnership with the leadership team and trustee board, we developed a shared belief and principles to unify the organisation, position the brand and universalise the cause.


We’re here to beat blood cancer


We believe life is a gift to be used wisely and lived fiercely


In the 52 years since we started on our journey to beat blood cancer, the world has changed a lot. We look forward into an uncertain but exciting future and draw strength from what we’ve already achieved.


We know that, with energy and determination, we've always created opportunities and we need to believe more than ever that our creativity, foresight and passion hold the key. Just like our unstoppable supporters, we need to keep on fighting. To stand up for the people we stand for. For the people living with blood cancer and for those who support them. 


Our time is a time of movements and missions, when an idea can spread like fire to ignite people and create something much more. We’re part of this world of positive action. We’re a team, a family, a community connected by a shared belief and vision. We embrace researchers, fundraisers, supporters, legislators, clinicians, opinion formers and patients as one; because we know the answers lie in between.


And that’s why, in the 52 years since we started our journey to beat blood cancer, for all the change and challenges, there’s never been a better time to make an impact. There’s never been a better time to say with confidence “I’m here to change the world”.


This is our moment. 

Life is a gift. Use it wisely and live it fiercely.


With firm foundations in place, we turned our attention to the name. Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, was long and complex, hard to say and spell and old fashioned in style. By referencing only two types of blood cancer, it also alienated many patients and supporters and the singular focus on research did not reflect the future of the brand. 


While everyone understood the limitations of the old name, many were understandably anxious about changing it. We set up a programme of consultation with representatives from across the charity, involving them in the creative process at all stages. With collaboration and careful due diligence we were able to help them embrace a new, more inclusive name.


We needed a simple, powerful and expressive visual identity that could embody the positive and inclusive spirit of the brand while giving the new name room to breathe. We created a design system with confident word mark, strong typography for lead messaging and plenty of creative scope to make a human connection.


We launched the new name and identity in National Blood Cancer Awareness month with the first campaign ever to embrace and represent every single person affected by blood cancer. Inspired by civil protest and street art, our posters were designed to put all 137 different types of blood cancer on the map, to show the world that they all matter and to let people know Bloodwise is here to beat every single one.

We created a launch film showing our team of graffiti artists at work and released it online via Facebook and Twitter. 

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