We use brand thinking and branding techniques to help organisations adapt faster.

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to Undivided.

All the clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with since we launched, back in 2013, have asked us the same sort of questions: how do we plan for a marketplace that keeps being disrupted? How do we answer customer needs that change dynamically? How do we unlock the energy and idealism of our people to become more resilient and innovative? How do we build trust and loyalty in a helter-skelter world?


The way we see it, success in this time of expanding and accelerating change comes down to adaptability. What we’ve learned, as we’ve faced the future with our clients, is that brands have a big part to play. In the past, maybe branding was badged as something cosmetic or as a set of rigid rules and regulations, but we’ve seen that there’s more to it than that. We’ve seen that your brand can be your fuel and formula for change. Instead of locking you down, it can set you free to evolve, respond and connect. To adapt and adapt faster.


Stefan Terry
Founder & strategy director

Our approach has three simple stages.

1. Definition
& direction

What are you trying to achieve? What does your organisation, product or service need to deliver? Do you and your people agree on the direction? What change do you want to create and how can your brand and culture help make this happen?



Benchmark your brand and culture. What do you stand for today? How differentiated you are? How well connected are you to your customers, partners or supporters? How united and motivated are your people? How well do your visual and verbal identities work? 



Give your brand a clear, distinctive and motivating role in the world and in the minds of your customers and people. A purpose that sets out your ambition and sets you apart. A belief that connects and empowers. Brand values that guide how you work. Personality values to inspire your style and tone of voice.



Setting the right structure for your sub-brand, products or service portfolio. How closely aligned should your different parts be? How does your brand positioning translate across your portfolio? How do you get the best value from your visual identity?



Help your leadership and employees face the future together. Working collaboratively in workshops and creative sessions to agree the ambition for change and direction of travel. Fine tuning the brief for your brand and culture. Understanding different perspectives, hopes and fears.

2. Expression
& articulation

Take your brand positioning and bring it to life in words and imagery. How you speak and present yourself to the world. How you create consistency, and differentiation.



Create a brand name for your organisation, product or service that delivers impact and meaning. Our tried and tested naming methodology brings maximum creativity while making sure your new name is ownable and usable and doesn’t mean something naughty in a different language. 


Visual identity

Create a visual identity design look and feel for your organisation, product or service that delivers stand-out, consistency and meaning. We’ll work with you to create a complete design kit of parts with logo, colour, typography, imagery and a distinctive graphic language.


Verbal identity

Create a clear and distinctive tone of voice and personality for your organisation, product or service. The words that you use are as important as your logo, colours and imagery. We work with you to define your style and help you express yourself.



Write a strategic narrative for your organisation, product or service. We can help you bring your brand positioning to life for employees, customers and partners in a memorable and motivating brand story.

3. Activation
& mobilisation 

Work with you and your people to help you live and breathe your brand and values and make sure you get your message out there.


Employee engagement 

Help your people embrace and unite around your brand and values. We use co-creative interventions and interactive workshops to inspire and involve employees; empowering them to take your brand thinking into their day to day work, improving collaboration and customer service and driving innovation.



Activate your brand positioning and identity and tell your story through powerful communications. From simple branded materials, business cards, templates and stationery to manifestos, speeches, environmental branding, digital platforms and film.



Work hand-in-hand and side-by-side with you to launch and embed your brand across touchpoints and internal culture. Have our strategists and designers on tap to answer questions quickly, solve roll-out challenges and support your comms and HR teams.

Our approach in action