Business Exchange —
case study

We've been working with Newable since 2016. We repositioned the brand, developed a new name and visual identity and since then, we've been supporting the CEO and his team to drive an ambitious growth and innovation plan.


Newable's purpose is to unleash potential at the heart of the economy, helping businesses with finance, advice and space. As part of their innovation programme, the leadership team wanted to explore new ways to reach local businesses. We worked together to develop a Newable high street concept - The Business Exchange - where local people can connect to local investors and get expert support. We launched the first location in 2017 on Epsom's high street.

We were reminded of the enterprising community spirit of the industrial revolution - another time of great change and innovation for Britain. Inspired by the Cooperatives, Building Societies & Mutuals of the 19th Century, we designed an in-store experience, external signage and branded fit-out that could bring the community together to create opportunity and unleash potential. 

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