UCL Innovation
& Enterprise —

We worked with UCL to position its Innovation & Enterprise department and to give it a distintive visual identity within the university. The next step was to bring the brand to life in the department's working environment.


UCL Innovation & Enterprise engages with academics, students, different departments and disciplines across the university and beyond to the business world. As such, there are multiple audiences for the space as well as lots of different uses; including workshops and events as well as being a workspace for student and almuni start-ups.

We stratified the different zones in the space into 2 brand experiences using the belief and purpose as inspiration. The department's purpose is to help people transform their knowledge and ideas into action. We used this sentiment to inspire the look and feel in the Event Space and Hub using dramatic creative gestures to show energy and activity and to inspire. 


The belief focuses on the department’s mission to reach out and harness the creative potential of all UCL’s people. The workspace is a practical and tangible expression of this belief – home to ‘The Hatchery’ where student entrepreneurship is nurtured, we created clear and practical signage and meeting room branding to make the space usable and frictionless.

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